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Kansas City Baron of BBQ

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The #3 Barbecue Fantasy in the World !!

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“A Barbecue Fantasy”

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This BBQ Pitmaster class is taught by Chef Paul Kirk, the Kansas City BARON of BARBEQUE. Chef Paul has won the World Championship of BBQ 7 times and has won nearly 475 cooking awards. Previous students of the Baron’s class have said Chef Paul can take 3 years off trial and error experimenting on your own. This class is suited for the back yard BBQ enthusiast, the seasoned competitor, or those considering opening a BBQ joint (restaurant).

The Baron will cover the basics of Barbecuing Brisket, Pork Butt, Pork Ribs, Chicken, and Sausage. He will also cover fire management, fuels, BBQ rubs and spices, BBQ sauce, contest presentation, among many other subjects.


Chef Paul demonstrating how he hangs all the meat in his smoker.

The class outline:

Beginning Barbecue
Barbeque Philosophy
Smoking: What_____ Why_____ How_____
Barbecuing: What_____ Why_____ How_____
Grilling: What_____ Why_____ How_____
Basic Equipment…i.e. tools, etc.:
The most misunderstood tool
Products to cook with:
Which one is the best?
Charcoal: Lump Coal_____ Briquette’s_____
Wood: All types
Contest Presentation:
Slicing, cutting for all categories of entries.
Supply list for contest 1st time out.
Seasoning / relation to different meats
What does: “to season” mean
Seasonings: Develop and build rubs
Development of Barbecue Sauces:
Temperatures and what they do
Cold smoking:
Hot smoking:
Internal temperatures: What – Why – How
Meat Selection and Preparation:
How to buy—What to look for:
What to buy and Why—
Brisket, Pork, Ribs, Chicken, Fish, Lamb