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Chef Paul’s BBQ Videos …

Paul has 3 videos called “Championship Barbecue; From Backyard to Competition” Vol.’s: 1, 2 & 3. These videos are available directly from Paul Kirk and sell for $29.95 US$ each or $75.00 US$ for the set of all 3 videos.

These videos teach you the basics of BBQ, from the backyard cooks to the soon to be champion. Vol.1 Takes you thru the different types of smokers, woods, spices, and cooking techniques. You are shown how to prepare the most popular BBQ Victims: Ribs & Chicken. We even cover the presentation, so you’ll know what to do for contests. MIMS and KCBS rules. whether you just cook for your and the family, or aspire to beat Paul at his own game in contests, this video is the start

Shipping and handling is $5.00 US$ for the 1st video + $2.50 US$ each additional video.

International Shipments are $11.00 US$ for the 1st video + $3.50 US$ each additional video.

Kansas and Missouri Residents must add 7.65 % Sales Tax.

Click Here to e-mail Paul for further details on how to order these videos OR Mail a check or money order to Paul at:

Chef Paul Kirk CWC, Ph.B.

3625 West 50th. Terrace

Roeland Park, Kansas 66205-1534


Phone or Fax: (913) 262 – 6029